Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 will be the death of me

as of right now i have not a clue where to start. but this will be a long blog a make up of what i havent wrote about witch is the cause of all my anger and lack of work

January 1st. new years. awesome time awesome pictures awesome people not such an awesome pretend boyfriend. i guess alcohol and 26 year old red heads don't mix i hope one day someone sleeps with her boyfriend. it is never ok to get drunk and sleep with someones boyfriend. when you know they have a girlfriend and it is never ok as a guy to say yea let me stick my penis in you, my girlfriend wont mind . not under any condition ..anywayy

January 3rd. i advice to anyone that decides they wanna move..BUY NEW STUFF. leave eveything behind. i cant even count how much stuff ive lost because of moving. pain in the ass i can tell ya that..

January 7th just when i think nothing else could go does my cars breaks...seriously wtf. its fixed now but starting to think 2009 is just not for me. gets worse

January 12th went job hunting found some really great jobs just to show you how my years going the first job i went to apply for walked in they said they werent hiring but thats all good..i go back out to my car and I LOOKED MY KEYS AND CELL in my car. its like 20 degrees i had to go back in and ask to use there phone i looked likea complete ass.

January 13th I GET FIRED FROM THE JOB IVE BEEN AT FOR ALMOST 3 YEARS CUS OF DUMB ASS PEOPLE not only was it over something so stupid. i didnt even tell anyone and still everyone knows. but im sure it made someones night.

January 14th not only do i swear someone keeps throwing shit at my driver door i LOOKED MY KEYS IN MY CAR AGAIN. while getting gas. it was like 10 degrees out and im in just a hoodie and bball shorts. so i call my mom for my dad to bring me spair she tells him im at the exxon/wendys where we used to live in savage . and im at the one near where we live now in elkridge . so he drove all the way to savage from elkridge to drive all the way back for nothing and some guy almost hit my car at the gas pump. seriously

!WARNING!: if your thinking of getting a job at rams head
its full of drama. dumb ass people. shady ass people. except a select few. ive found some of my best friends there <3

January 16th woke up way late. damn phone died meaning no alarm. still havent found my phone charger couldnt find ANYTHING to wear i come to work and my bose was like.. oh wow. "did you loose a bet" ha ha. it was funny but the only thing i could find was black caprises. AND BROWN SHOES if you are a girl you know that brown and black DONT go together. ever. ahah so i look a mess. but no one sees me so im ok with that.

im just glad its friday. tonight WILL be fun. i cant disclose my plans but i can say it will be funlook out haters. B<3


  1. ha. stop hating.

    fuck redheads. lol.

    sorry you lost stuff moving.

    but hey i promise youll have a blast toniight.